My Favorite Meal. | How Sweet It Is

My Favorite Meal.

Have you ever been to the Capitol Grille?

I started the evening with many glasses of ice cold pinot grigio.


Can I just say how horrified my husband was that I was taking pictures in an expensive restaurant? It was a bit obnoxious, so I tried to be discreet by taking them with my crackberry. Unfortunately, that meant I missed pictures with our friends, Cindy and Nick. Next time!

I have mentioned before that I do not really like bread. This was an exception. I was starving, and it was warm. I had no chance.



It was totally worth it. 

We had one of our favorite appetizers – the calamari. It comes with jalapenos and red cherry peppers. Best calamari I have EVER had.



The word ‘butter’ must have drawn me in.

They served us a free dessert – one we chose from the menu. We could not make up our minds. We went with the cheesecake.


It was fantastic. The top had a crunchy, sugary crust. Phenomenal.

Since we are 85 years old were exhausted, we came home and crashed. I had a big day ahead of me, since I harassed talked my husband into decorating for Christmas today. Well, beginning to decorate. Just call us The Griswald’s. We have 2 trees, one that takes up the entire family room. Classy.

My husband didn’t want to decorate. He tried to convince me that he wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving, and thought we should decorate with Pilgrims. Don’t we have enough decorations?

I found these as I was shopping.


I drank my first peppermint mocha of the season. It was sugary, fattening, delicious and made me jittery the rest of the day.